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What is augmented reality?

by | Aug 2, 2017

You might recognize this viral video back from 2016 where a whale appears to jump out of the floor of an elementary school gymnasium. This is augmented reality.

It turns out the video is actually edited, but is still a perfect example of augmented reality and how it’s used.



The technical explanation of augmented reality is summed up by taking the real world around you and changing what you see by using your location, sounds, and graphics, all in real time. With Augmented reality your surroundings can become interactive and responsive to your actions with overlayed enhancements you otherwise wouldn’t see.



With breakthrough technology from companies like Apple, we are going to start seeing augmented reality more integrated into our day-to-day life. Imagine having something like what you saw in the viral video of the whale in the gymnasium on your smartphone. That imaginary concept will soon be reality with new technology advancements.

Applications like Seek are ahead of the game and utilizing this technology to interact with its users. Those who use the app can virtually find treasure chests and win prizes, but you don’t get to the prize without interacting with augmented reality to open the chest first.

Other real world applications for augmented reality include education, business and shopping. The reality is the possibilities with augmented reality are endless as we are continuing to perfect this incredible technology.

To learn more about Seek and how the app utilizes augmented reality, visit our website here.

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