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Seek’s Big News

by | Oct 19, 2017

We’ve been keeping a secret over here at Seek, and we can’t wait to share our big news with you! It’s all about augmented reality and new app features! Each time you open up a chest in the Seek app to claim your prize, you’re using augmented reality, and now we’re taking your Seek experience with augmented reality to new heights!

Check out some of the new features you can look forward to in late November 2017 with Seek:

Personal Profiles
Use your profile to create an avatar of yourself and upload your own augmented reality content and videos.

In the Seek app you will see a news feed where you can see your friends latest posts, videos, and augmented reality content.


The above features will launch in our late November 2017 update, but there is still more to come in Seek! Check out some additional features you can look forward to in following updates coming early 2018!

Avatars and Reactions
You will be able to create your own personal avatar that looks and acts just like you! Features like clothing, skin color and hair color are all customizable. The best part? Your avatar will act out and perform your “reactions” to your friends posts. Instead of a like or crying emoji face, your friends will be able to see your avatar do a backflip, show a thumbs up, clap and more!

Portal Creator
Want to create your own personalized portal like the one featured in the video below? No problem. Soon you will be able to make your own portal to represent your “space” in seek, personalized to your style and preferences. Your portal will be featured on your profile and you can share it with your friends for them to experience right in their own living room!

We can’t wait to share more details with you as we get closer to launching these great features in the Seek app! Which feature are you most excited for?

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