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Future of Mobile Marketing

by | Aug 8, 2017

Anticipating the direction of mobile marketing can give a company an advantage on reaching consumers. As consumers engage more into the mobile web, they become more irritated with pop-up banner advertising that ruin their experience. There are many ad-blocking software that consumers use to avoid advertisements, so Apple is pushing for publishers to work more closely with marketers to create advertising that users will actually want to see.

Companies have caught on to their consumers frustration, and have started to think of creative ways to mobile marketing. They realize that advertising needs to be of value and engaging to their viewers. Marketing that engages the user and creates a good experience for them will succeed.

Virtual and augmented reality is emerging across tech and culture. People outside the gaming world are embracing this technology and will only increase as VR and AR become more accessible to everyone. With Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and many others many can experience this technology sensation. Because of the novelty of AR consumers are more open to engaging in any content, including advertising.

Augmented reality aims towards the next generation. It is still in its early days, but Seek is ahead of the pack. Seek has created a new world through the screen on your phone. By incorporating AR, marketing, and gaming Seek has found a way for users to engage with many different brands. Because of this engagement and the value Seek brings to companies, users ask for more advertising within the ap. Seek has anticipated the direction of mobile marketing, by creating new augmented reality experiences for consumers.

To learn more about Augmented reality click here:

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