Appless AR will make AR go mainstream

You may think that the first word in the title of this article is a typo, but I wasn’t trying to type “Apple’s AR”–I meant app-less AR, as in “AR without an app.” Apple is, however, coming out with a major feature in iOS 12...

Create augmented reality scenes – Toybox Tutorial

Create your own augmented reality experience. We now have a feature in Seek XR called, “Toybox”. Toybox allows users to create augmented reality experiences by uploading 3D objects directly to Seek XR. You can choose from thousands of objects to create your own unique...

Create your own soup, tea, and ice cream

You can win BIG in New York!     Seek is hosting a big event in the Big Apple (New York City) this week. You have the chance to win one of THIRTY $25 Amazon gift cards or TWO $500 Amazon gift cards. You can also win up to 5,000 coins at...

Apple’s ARKit: Everything You Need to Know

Augmented reality is nothing new to modern-day technology. But if you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel too out of the loop. Augmented reality hasn’t been easily accessible for day-to-day use until now. With Apple’s new ARKit, augmented reality will be more accessible...

7 Applications of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new and upcoming technology, and it’s here to stay. We can expect to see more augmented reality uses and applications as technology improves. One of the most common associations with augmented reality is with video games or mobile apps, but the...

5 Tips for Mobile Marketing

The number of mobile users has exploded within the last few years, and is continually growing. In fact, there are about 4.7 billion mobile users across the globe, and that over 90% of Americans have a cellphone. Clearly, the mobile world is here to stay. Mobile...


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