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Sexy Sax Man

The Sexy Sax Man experience – inspired by the Original Sexy Sax Man himself! The original sexy man would pull pranks on others by going around to different locations and playing a George Michael song on his saxophone. He went to places such as: restaurants,...

Cabin in the Woods

Take an augmented reality stroll through a cabin in the woods to try and solve the mystery. Your great uncle has passed away and you’ve received information that he has left you a small fortune. Can you figure out what the fortune is and how to get it? The Cabin...

Seek Rewards is Back!

Hello Seek fans. We have some amazing news for you! Seek Rewards is solely dedicated to adventures and WINNING PRIZES! Yeah, that’s right, you heard us! Seek is back! All you have to do is update your current Seek app. The game you loved is back with the old map,...

New Augmented Reality Experiences In Seek

With Augmented Reality you can take a quick beach trip from your office chair and explore a new reality! At Seek we are committed bringing you all the latest AR experiences right to your phone with new experiences uploaded regularly! Take a peek below at some of the...