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Innovate your educational environment.


Raise the educational standard.


Call a truce with technology.


Experience a new way to learn.

Ready for your next adventure?

We’re a group full of passionate innovators that love to have fun as much as we love pushing ourselves to success. We’re always looking for like-minded individuals to add to our talented team!

We Seek…

for Excellence.

We strive to not just get things done, but to do them well. We seek to exceed expectations at every turn. We believe that getting things done quickly and efficiently matters, and we build our products to do the same.

to Serve.

Anyone and everyone. Our customers, their customers, our co-workers, their families, and all with whom we come into contact. If we aren’t serving, lifting up, and doing everything we can to make these peoples’ lives a little bit better, then why are we doing anything at all?

to Innovate.

One of Seek’s driving forces is innovating to make the world a better place. We do this by making cutting-edge technology more accessible and easy to use for everyone.

to Educate.

We want people to come away from Seek every day having learned something new. We’re always learning incredible new things as we delve into the exciting industries of augmented reality and customer experience. We want to pass that on to people who find us on the web, meet us at conferences, hear us on a podcast, or find us on social media.

for Adventure.

Seek was founded on adventure. Pioneering new technology is an adventure. Learning new ways to impact the world every day is an adventure. If there is adventure out there, we want to be part of it.

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Working at Seek is fun and challenging (a perfect combination for a job to love). I’ve learned a lot and have been able to utilize skills I brought with me. I’ve never wanted a company to succeed as much as I do here. Great company!

Brian Low

VP of Sales

The people I work with are incredibly talented and driven. Each of them truly wants us to succeed as a company just as much as individuals.  You’ll never be the smartest person in the room… and that’s a good thing.

Ashleigh Koontz

Director of Marketing

I genuinely look forward to coming into work every day. The excitement in the office is tangible. We take care of business and have a blast doing it.                         

Parker McDonough

Head of Seek Education

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